Templates and Plans for Software Configuration Management Documents-Version 6.0

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Customer Set for this product: Software engineering firms and all firs that have complex software systems
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New in Version 6.0! Templates have been updated to ensure consistency with the Software CM requirements of ANSI/EIA-649-B, Configuration Managements Standard.

Prior to the release of V6.0, the CM templates in this document were reviewed to ensure consistency with the Software CM requirements of ANSI/EIA-649-B, Configuration Managements Standard . As a result:

  • An appendix was added in V6.0 to provide an overview of the ANSI/EIA-649-B standard
  • Minor modifications were made to several of the templates to ensure compatibility with ANSI/EIA-649-B while still remaining compliant with ISO/IEC 12207:2008, ISO/IEC 15288:2008, and IEC 62304.
  • Traceability matrices were added to show how ISO/IEC 12207:2008 and Version 6.0 templates map to ANSI/EIA-649-B functions and principles.


This document contains a set of templates that enable engineers and managers to implement effective, standards-compliant software configuration management (CM). The templates conform to software CM requirements specified in standards ANSI/EIA-649-B, Configuration Managements Standard, ISO/IEC 12207:2008, Software life cycle processes , ISO/IEC 15288:2008, System life cycle processes , and IEC 62304, Medical Device Software - Software Life Cycle Processes . In addition to informative and adaptable text, these templates provide many illustrative diagrams that ease the implementation and communication of CM processes.

These templates provide generic descriptions and instructions that are compliant with the standards listed above and provide a structure within which you can include detailed project-specific information. Once tailored, the templates become a complete set of documents that allow implementation of software configuration management compliant with both widely-used standards and project-specific requirements.

Thirteen templates are provided. They are:

  • Software Configuration Management Policy
  • Software Configuration Management Strategy
  • Software Configuration Management Organization Charts
  • Software Configuration Management Plan
  • Software Configuration Management Process
  • Software Configuration Identification Procedure
  • Software Configuration Change Control Procedure
  • Software Configuration Status Accounting Procedure
  • Software Configuration Item Check-in and Check-out Procedure
  • Software Configuration Audits and Reviews Procedure
  • Subcontractor Software Configuration Control Procedure
  • External Interface Configuration Control Procedure
  • Software Product Release and Delivery Procedure

This product supports these Software Engineering processes

  • Configuration Management
  • Documentation

Customers of this product:

  • Ab Sciex, Canada
  • ACS-Inc
  • AER, Inc.
  • Air Combat
  • AMA
  • Amadeus Systems
  • Amgen Inc
  • Answers Unlimited Incorporated
  • Army
  • Army National Guard
  • ASU
  • AtCormedical
  • Atherotech
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • BearingPoint
  • BilMedica
  • Blue-East
  • Boeing
  • BPTRU, Canada
  • Capewell
  • Cargo Logistics Corporation
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Chess Beheer BV
  • Chrome Data Corporation
  • Citizens Bank
  • CoCoCorp.
  • Comar Unicom Puerto Rico PLLC
  • Computech Data Services
  • Concurrent Technologies Corporation
  • CSC
  • CSC, Australia
  • CSC, UK
  • Cubic Application, Inc.
  • Dateline
  • Defense Manpower Data Center
  • DHS State, Texas
  • DTS
  • EDS
  • Elemica, Inc.
  • EM
  • Ensco, Inc
  • ESG, Germany
  • Essex
  • FBI
  • Flip Creative
  • Gas Quality Consulting, Germany
  • Ge Capital GCF Europe, Ireland
  • Ge Transportation Global Signaling
  • Genentech, Inc
  • GES Expo
  • Gestalt-PLLC
  • Gestrato, Lda, Portugal
  • GxpPartners
  • Haemonetics Corporation
  • IDX, UK
  • Imperial Irrigation District
  • IMSA Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • InFoPia Co., Ltd., South Korea
  • Inovio Biomedical
  • Intermiranda UG, Germany
  • ISRO HQ, Dept. Of Space
  • Juno Technologies
  • KCI
  • Kinetx, Inc
  • L3 Communications
  • Latitude360
  • Life Logics
  • Lockheed Martin
  • LogicaCMG
  • Lynxdev Inc.
  • M&M Precision Systems
  • Mac
  • ManTech
  • Meta-Fleet
  • Web, South Africa
  • Namo Interactive, Korea
  • Nat’s Ltd UK
  • Network Resources, Inc.
  • Northern Electronic Engineering
  • Nps.Navy.Mil
  • NYC Dept. Of Finance
  • Omi International
  • Optikos
  • Paradise-Tech, Abu Dhabi
  • Pathfinder Systems
  • Peachtree Settlement Funding
  • Pilkington
  • Price Waterhouse Cooper, UK
  • PRL
  • Profit Technologies
  • PSO Consulting Inc. Canada
  • Radnor SA, Poland
  • Raytheon Ids
  • SAS Institute
  • Sate Ltd, Israel
  • Scamont Engineering
  • Scan, Greece
  • Schlumberger
  • Scientific Games
  • Sensytech, Inc.
  • Sio2
  • Skill Gaming
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  • Systems Made Simple
  • T&T System SRL
  • T3multimedia
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  • The Bluebook
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  • Titan Corporation - TSD
  • Totoku Electric Co., Ltd.
  • TPI Inc.
  • TR-Associates
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Urodynamic Technologies Ltd.
Valedge Solutions
Venture Corporation Limited
Veurne Snack Foods
William A. Cook Australia Pty Ltd
Williams Energy Services
Xavor Corporation
Xpress Softnet Technology Inc.
Yuhawlim, Australia

Note: “International Standards (ISO) define the best of practices for Medical Device and Software firms in producing a quality product. This checklist that SEPT produces will ensure that all of the best of practices are adhered to.”

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