Helical Rotor Pump - Progressive Cavity Pump Guide

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  • Helical gear pumps (progressive cavity pumps) are used for thick, syrup-like liquids, also for foods with chunks in them, in beer production to pump yeast slurry, also for slurries with particulate, also for applications where a vacuum is needed to draw liquids upward (as in farm dams), also for dosing of chemicals where steady quantities are required to be injected.
  • The ' Helical Rotor Pump Progressive Cavity Pump Selection, Installation & Operation Best Practice Guide ' gives you the most thorough checklist yet compiled of the important factors you must have in a pump, its installation and its operation to get a long, failure-free, low maintenance operating life.

It Provides information on:

  • Overview of Pump Failure Modes.
  • Understand The Pump Service Duty, Conditions And Environment.
  • The Pump Base Frame on Which the Pump Is Mounted.
  • The Pump Bearing Housing and Bearings.
  • The Pump Shaft Coupling.
  • Correct Pump Suction Characteristics.
  • The Pump Set Alignment.
  • Pump Dry-run Protection.
  • Pump Erosion Protection.
  • How to Help the Operator and Maintainer Monitor the Pump.

It Benefits:

  • Plant designers
  • Maintenance Engineer.
  • Operations Manager (pump).


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