What is the Quality by Design Program?

Since the earliest days of the industrial revolution, manufacturers did Quality Control inspection only after the products were released in markets to assess the quality of the product but this Quality after Design process has had many disastrous results over the years and is slowly being replaced with a new process known as quality by design. The intention is to build the quality into a pharma product while it is still in the research and development phase to make sure that final product is going to meet with established standards long before it enters the production phase.

One particular industry that has begun to invest heavily in the quality by design program is the pharmaceutical industry where many problems have been occurring with alarming frequency in recent years. The whole basis for this process lies in understanding more about each pharma product that your company is producing and about the manufacturing process itself. When your employees understand this and the various risks involved in the manufacturing process, they may be more capable of mitigating these risks.

Following the latest regulations regarding the quality by design process is no easy task. You are going to need to find specialized training for your staff that centers not only on the latest regulations, but covers the entire process in order to be able to implement it properly within your facility. Your job is going to be finding a reputable training provider that not only offers the various training courses that enable your employees to implement the process, but does so in a manner that ensures everyone will be able to attend and understand. Moreover, the training provider should also offer a full range of quality by design classes online. Your employees might prefer being able to get away from your facility for a couple of days to attend classes, but your budget will most likely appreciate the much lower cost of attending online classes. Enrolling them in this type of class will allow more of your employees to attend each session, ensuring that they all come up to speed much more quickly.

It would be even better if you could get a copy of the class on a CD so that your employees could attend the quality by design classes from the comfort of their office or even at home in their off time. You could also use the CD version to start new employees off on the right foot before they go to work once they have been hired and completed orientation sessions.

At ComplianceOnline you will have access to a wide selection of quality by design courses both online and on CD. These courses are taught by leading industry experts and are designed to teach your employees what they need to know to implement a QtD program and to ensure that their program is in full compliance with FDA regulations. Not only will your employees benefit from this training, those who use your products can do so with a greater sense of security that comes with knowing your products have the quality built into the design.