ISO 22000:2005 - Food Safety and HACCP

Developed by ISO TC 34 (Technical Committee) ISO 22000:2005 was published on September 1, 2005 as general Food Safety Management System (FSMS) standard. The standard contains a set of general rules of food safety requirements that are expected to be followed by all organizations in the food chain. These rules are mentioned in sections 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of ISO 22000.

If an organization is part of the food chain, as per ISO 22000 it has to establish a food safety management system to ensure that the food products will not cause any adverse effects on human health.

The ISO 22000 is an international standard which specifies the requirements for a food safety management system and involves the following elements:

  • Interactive communication
  • System management
  • Prerequisite programs
  • HACCP principles
Who Can Use ISO 22000?
ISO 22000 can be used by:

Producers - Farms, ranches, fisheries, dairies

Processors - Fish, meat, poultry, feed processors can use ISO 22000

Manufacturers - Manufacturers of soup, snack, bread, cereal, dressing, beverage, seasoning etc.

Service providers - Service providers include food service providers such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, hotels, resorts and also other service providers like storage service providers, catering service providers, logistics service providers, transportation service providers etc.

Product suppliers - Tools, utensils, equipment, ingredients, and packaging materials suppliers can also benefit from ISO 22000 to maintaining food safety in the food chain.

However, not only the mentioned organizations but any organization directly or indirectly linked to food chain can apply and benefit from ISO 22000.

Be Compliant with ISO 22000

ISO 22000 can be used for certification (registration) purpose only. That is, if an organization establishes a FSMS which meets the requirements mentioned by ISO 22000, the organization can ask a registrar for auditing the system. If the audit proves that system is ISO 22000 compliant, the registrar issues an official certificate stating the FSMS meets the ISO 22000 food safety requirements.

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ISO 22000-HACCP Food Safety Management Systems - Requirements for any organization in the food chain